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http://selfknowledge.in/upload/Swamiji-small.jpgWhen farming, traveling, operations of all kinds are becoming easier and easier , there is no reason why only self-realisation or self-knowledge must be more and more difficult. In fact, self-knowledge is the easiest. We cannot give examples of past masters for whom it was difficult and time-taking. It is like saying that if my grandfather took six months to travel from one continent to the other, I should not fly it in six hours!

Are you really in a big hurry? Are you really curious? Are you so desperate that you cannot even wait to read even a page, or discuss few points in order to know yourself?

This is the beginning for a person like you. It can be also the end if you are as terribly smart as desperate as you are.

The great Acharya Shankara, the incomparable teacher with sharpest intellect, the embodiment of devotion and compassion, has a verse just for you. When the desperate student, tired of every pursuit, every practice, aware of the limitation of every one of those approaches the Guru and the Guru engages him in a simple conversation. It is in a question-answer format. Read the question and have your own answer ready. Compare it with the answer of the student and move on.

Imagine that the student has approached the teacher with all reverence and has placed himself at the disposal of the teacher with all sincerity. He is not there to test the teacher as he does not have any idea about the wisdom, the Absolute Knowledge. He is desperate because he has followed many paths, picked up many ideas, read a lot of books, practiced many ordinary and even bizarre disciplines. Yet he has not found the fulfillment. He is so tired of every idea, every practice that he has no enthusiasm for any such thing any more.

The teacher makes such a student comfortable and asks him a simple question: Please tell me, with what light do you see everything during the day? 

And the student replies : The Sun.

The teacher agrees and continues the questioning : With what light do you see everything during the darkness of the night?

The student replies: The lamps, the moon and many such sources.

The teacher pauses again and continues: With what light do you see these all – the sun during the day, the moon and the other lamps during the night

The student thinks for a while and answers : The eyes.

Indeed, the eyes illumine the light of the sun and the brightness of the moon, the lamps or the fire. Without the eyes, the blind man sadly and helplessly misses out on the shining sun or any source of light.

The teacher nods and continues to ask : Agreed that the light of the eyes light up the sunlight and the light of fire. But, please tell me now when the eyes wink, open and close, what is that light which illumines both the conditions of the eyes?

The student thinks for a while and answers : The mind, the subtle intelligence, where a thought reports the condition of the eyes.

Then the teacher asks : Please tell me as to what is that light that lights up the thought? The student pauses and replies : There ‘I am’. (There is no outsider to report that to him. The eyes cannot illumine a thought. There is nothing other than himself to be conscious of the thought. Hence, the student says: I am. I am conscious).

And the teacher says : Therefore, Oh blessed one! You are the supreme light that lights up all the relative lights of the thought, the eyes, the sun, the moon and the fire!

The student agrees : Oh Lord! The Absolute light indeed I am that illumines the subtle world of thoughts, memories and the gross world of the sense objects of all kinds like the lights, the sight, the sounds, the tastes and the smells.

The student has to use the words like I am the supreme light, I am the Absolute, the Consciousness that shines at all times, all places only in order to answer the question of the teacher in so many words.

But long before, he formulates the words, shapes thoughts to answer verbally, the student has already seen It, ‘to be’ It, to select some names to describe the nameless. The experience is immediate, instantaneous as that is the only experience which is timeless, eternal, effortless and illumines all other experiences, sensations in its presence.

Are you one with the student? Then you will be one with the teacher also where both the student and the teacher, the disciple and the guru are happily lost, merged in an ever-together oneness!

The rest is all details. The student can stay on to collect the details, various standpoints, in order to handle the ideas, the thoughts, the conclusions, he had collected before he could see himself as he is now. In case there are any moments of contradictions or apparent wavering, the living with the teacher can take care of that.

Kim jyotistava bhanumaanahani Me raatrau pratipaadikam Syaadevam ravideepadarshanavidhau Kim jyotiraakhyaahi me |

Chakshustasya nimeelanaadisamaye Kim dheerdhiyo darshane Kim tatraahamato bhavaanparamakam Jyotistadasmi prabho ||