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How to think & What to think
          Nobody teaches us ‘HOW’ to think.  Almost all tell us ‘WHAT’ to think.
          That is how life begins. Growth continues. But that should never be the end. The person, every person, without any exception of caste, creed, sex, race, nationality, belief, disbelief or anything whatsoever must learn ‘HOW’ to think at the earliest in one’s life time.
          A child is born. A person is born. A name is given.  A sense of gender is given. The kinship is given that he is a son, a brother, a nephew, a friend, etc. in relation to immediate family members and the outsiders. As the child moves out from home to go to a school, he becomes a student. Moving from class to class, schools to college to university, he becomes a school, college or university student.  All along the baby keeps growing and he grows from being a child, to a young man, to an adult.  Then he picks up a job, a position, to earn money to be rich. As he grows up physically and is attracted to the opposite sex, gets married, becomes a husband.  And the roles go on changing while constantly being added and dropped.
          They, the people around, the society, the customs, the traditions, the leaders decide as to ‘WHAT’ we must think according to a specific role.  The child must smile, must not cry, must obey and must not resist, must be studious with not many other interests or distractions, must have a good degree, job, must be married, must have children and the list is endless.  Thus the person, every person, grows up with tremendous pressure as he has to walk on the dotted path.  Anything else means crossing the boundary.  Being rebellious!
          Even being rebellious does not take away the stress, the pressure of living, as such a person thinks that WHAT he should not think, he need not follow. But that does never mean ‘HOW’ to think!  He still remains confined within the limits of the given thoughts – a prisoner of the thoughts!
          The thinking based on the roles, forces us not only WHAT to think, but also ‘WHAT’ to be – to be a particular role. Programmed by ‘WHAT’  to think makes the person ‘WHAT’ role to be.
          And there is a huge difference between ‘WHAT’ to be and ‘WHO’ to be! There is a huge difference between ‘WHAT’ all the roles, one can have, and ‘WHO’ one is! If ‘WHO’ one is, is defined by the roles, then, one shall naturally get confused, in relation to the roles, changing with different conditions of the body, the changing thoughts and the changing outside situations.  The average person cannot get out of the ideas of ‘WHAT’ to think without a conflict, guilt, remorse.  Even the rebellious may have euphoria of breaking the rules by disobeying WHAT to think, but soon shall he return to the habitual thoughts in relation to many different roles as even the follower of the dictate ‘WHAT’ to think can return to the comforts of habitual thinking in relation to many different roles.  One role or the other can always cause stress or euphoria for both the followers and the rebellious!
          Ultimately, it is not ‘a’ thought or thoughts that cause the emotions or the emotional imbalance as A THOUGHT IS NOT AN EMOTION.  Nor thoughts are emotions.
          An emotion is created when a role interferes or ‘seemingly’ interacts with the thought, yet that is NEVER the Truth.  A thought by itself is not a role as even any uniform by itself is not a professional.  A person must get into the uniform to be a policeman, a military personnel, a nurse or a pilot.  Similarly, no thought is an engineer, lawyer or a physicist as even no thought is a son, daughter, father or mother.
          A thought and every thought is innocent, neither free nor bound. Not even a role.  Only when the ‘I’ thought identifies with the thought, a thought can be seen as a ‘role’.  When a person assumes the role of the father as himself, he may compromise with the thought as a banker to benefit his son.  THUS A ROLE ASSUMING ANOTHER ROLE COMPLICATES THE MATTER; THE LIFE!  There the advice or the instruction of ‘WHAT’ to think collapses.  And it happens throughout life, one role after another.
          There the person, every person must learn ‘HOW’ to think after being introduced to ‘WHAT’ to think which is some type of a guide line in the initial stages of life!
          To learn ‘HOW’ to think, the thinker the ‘I’, must free itself from all the roles where all the thoughts are ‘a’ role or the other, including the ‘I’ thought! Neither the books nor the thoughts of Engineering, Physics, History, Music are Engineers, Physicists, Historians or Musicians.  Similarly, the ‘I’ thought by itself is neither a role nor an actor.  But identifying with the thought of engineering, it makes the engineering thoughts, the role, and itself, an actor.  Assuming the role of a husband with the thought of his wife, he becomes both “I am an Engineer” and “I am a husband”.  When ‘I’, the husband, wants to gift something to his wife, ‘I’ the Engineer must provide the funds. The role of husband does not earn money.  Neither does the role of a wife, son, daughter, young or old, etc. but to satisfy the needs of all roles, ‘I’ the professional has to compromise with the professional role to take home more than the role, the job offers.  The conflict thus begins within – whether to be an honest Engineer or to be a loving husband!  And these type of conflicts can be numberless and the person can become depressed, confused, miserable, proud or ecstatic, swinging from one spectrum to many others! It is because he is under the spell of ‘WHAT’ to think, in relation to, which role.
          The person must learn to move from ‘WHAT’ role to ‘WHO’ he is, in order to learn ‘HOW’ to think from ‘WHAT’ to think.  When someone knows that ‘WHO’ he is, is not ‘WHAT he has, then he goes not only beyond all the thoughts but also the ‘I’ thought – the name ‘I’ and the thought ‘I’ that one has!
          One WHO has the name ‘I’, and the thought ‘I’ – is neither a name nor a thought – but a Nameless Thought-free Being!
          Thus Being One’s own Self, the Universal Being, one and all, a person and every person can safely assume any role in life and behave in the appropriate way in every changing situations in the world around, with a body constantly aging and a mind,  the thoughts constantly shifting.
          The river that can be walked through in summer is to be avoided during the rain.  The child’s body that is given high sugar, high protein for the growth, the same body, in adult or an old age, may be denied the sweet and the fat.  The thoughts of butter being healthy may be replaced by the butter being salty and fatty to be avoided.
          Thus the world around, the body and the thoughts being in the realm of constant change, no single conclusion or thought can ever be RIGID for all the people in different societies, faiths and circumstances to hold onto ‘WHAT’ to think.  Especially now, the human world seems to pass through a total upheaval – not because people have been more undisciplined.  People are more confused, conflict ridden and suffering more because of the EXTREME MOBILITY from place to place, from culture to culture, from belief to belief, from accepted norms to norms, those can be challenged, disapproved and even discarded.
          No single action, speech, thought or belief – be it secular, (political, social, financial, historical or futuristic) or religious (many beliefs, practices, rituals, mystical or otherwise) can be applied to ‘a’ person or all the persons at all times, all places and all conditions.  A Hitler will have admirers. A holy religious symbol or person can have many haters.  It is all because  the relative universe  of changes including the individual body, the changing means and the fields of experience including the sense organs  and the thoughts differ not only from a person to another, but it drastically changes in relation to ‘a’ given person.
          Therefore, how long can any person hold on to ‘WHAT’ to think, when the world, the people, the circumstances, have gone through a huge change – even unrecognizable by the ancient law givers.  Even they themselves will happily change and replace the thoughts that they had recommended in their own time.
          Constitutions change even though the fathers and the mothers of the constitutions are held in high regards  (Even to mention ‘mother’ of constitution is a change as nobody taught us that way).  The time is always ripe for a few, who have seen the limitation of ‘WHAT’ to think to move into ‘HOW’ to think.  The ‘HOW’ to think does not mean new guide lines for what in particular or what ALL to add to ‘WHAT’ to think list.   The list of ‘WHAT’ to say, not to say, to do, not to do can be endless as everything is changeable in the realm of the relative. Nobody can ever dictate as to ‘WHAT’ to think or not to think.  Nobody can prevent a thought from coming.  Nor can one hold onto ‘a’ thought forever.
          Therefore, the most important  factor is not ‘WHAT’ to think, speak or do, but ‘WHO’ to ‘BE’ as ‘HOW’ one chooses a thought to act or to speak is completely dependent upon ‘WHO’ one is!  If one takes a role one has to be one’s own Self, then the actions and speeches not only shall confuse him but also to many around.  When one knows ‘WHO’ one is, THE Universal Being, no more the limited roles, actions or speeches shall be used for one’s personal gain as such a person does not exist as ‘a’ role with personal limited wants!
          Then all the thoughts are beautiful as all the roles, the actions, and the whole life is a Blessing for himself and everyone around such a person!
          Be the Self and one shall effortlessly learn how to use any and every thought and shall choose whether to express or not to express that thought to action and to speech! Restrictions to actions and speeches can give rise to conflicting opinions as the actions and speeches by themselves are neither good or bad, vice or a virtue.  The ‘intent’ is extremely important.  And the intent shall be ever unknown to the people or the world outside.  ‘Intent’ shall remain unknown as ‘the role’ is ever unseen.  Even if a role is ‘deciphered’, what shall ever remain unknown is : ‘WHO’, one IS!  Such people are there in the world  - visible as the bird flying the sky, but the footprints never left behind in the vast space,  the open sky! The people who are used to living, conditioned and prompted by ‘WHAT’ to think, act or do, shall fail to recognize such people, who enjoy absolute Freedom, Being, WHO They are!  It is a Blessing if someone recognizes this earlier in himself and make life a great Blessing!