Welcome to Self Knowledge

Section 1
The voice of the sages, the voice of the sanity, serenity and the wisdom shall reverberate forever.  Nothing can drown it. Nothing can silence it as that voice is the content, the heart and the soul not only of all the sounds, but also of the silence. That is the voice, the beginningless sound, the endless silence, whose embodiment is a Sage, a Guru – and my Guru, the revered Swami Dayanandaji!
I would never have believed, either in the Limitlessness, the Immortality, the Truth, the God, the Happiness, the Love, the Absolute, or its embodiment, had the teacher, my Guru, not helped me to discover all that in myself!  That Knowledge was not a gift. Nor a benediction.  It was not a special privilege for a few.  The Guru, the Swamiji, sang his song, the immortal glory of the Absolute Wisdom and that happened to be my song, my glory, as well the song and the glory of the humanity.
His was the voice that touched many receptive hearts and through them, thousand eyes opened to see the glory as themselves. Thousands of hearts opened to sing the songs that shall never ever die.  In fact, the fire of the knowledge is ever there.  But a lamp is needed to show that fire burning bright.  Thereafter, the light shall continue to burn from the lamps to the lamps, but the lamps shall fall away leaving behind the light.  The Light of the Wisdom is the ultimate survivor.  The voice of sanity, the serenity and the wisdom is the ultimate sound, that reigns in the silence as even the silence remains the Eternal Content of the Sound.  The Silence and the sound are one and the same, never ending, Eternal.
When the teacher and the teaching are one and the same, the teacher shall continue as long as the teaching continues.  The teaching shall continue as long as the teacher continues.  ‘The’ Teacher is not ‘a’ person as even ‘the’ teaching is not ‘a’ subject, ‘a’ word or ‘a’ name!  As the Bhagavad Geeta will declare and the teaching of my teacher reverberates in silence : Everything is ‘ascharyavat’ a great wonder.  Not only what is spoken about is a magnificent wonder, but also the speaker who talks about it and the very speaking is a great wonder.  The listener, the listening and what is listened to, too is a magnificent wonder.  The seer, the seen and the seeing too is a great wonder.  And the last but not the least wonderment  is, as Swamiji will declare with a big smile, the one who never appreciates it even after one listens to it too is amusingly a great wonder!
That chuckle, that smile, that mock serious voice was of genuine care, concern and kindness – the Daya, where Swamiji was so sure of his handling the subject that he could not accept that somebody with a little intelligence and preparedness can ever escape understanding ‘being’ the Truth, he revealed.  Especially when the Truth, the Self is ever existing at all times, in all places, in all conditions, nobody could escape being himself after the glorious teaching!
That was Swamiji – in whose teaching one could find the touch of the ancient unbroken tradition, where no teacher ever took the credit of ‘creating’ a truth, ‘shaping’ a ‘new’ God, a method, a practice or a novel identity!  He revealed that was already existent.  As the Upanishads will declare  :  Nasti Akruta Krutena Akruta Ajnana, Moksha, Krutena Karmana Nasti -  the Freedom, the Self, that is uncreated, unborn, ever Existent cannot be created by an action - persuasively gently revealed  Swamiji!